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Valley View Foods specializes in prune juice and concentrate products that are made to customer specifications. 

We pride ourselves in the quality of our product, and cleanliness of our facilities;  currently, we are 1 of only 3 juicing facilities in the world with a 7-stage T.A.S.T.E Evaporator!  This Evaporator has a highly specific design, which makes it an absolute fit for the concentration of very sensitive juices.

The great number of evaporating effects usually employed (up to 8), dramatically reduces steam consumption per each unit of evaporated water, and as many as eight kilos of water (and more) can be evaporated per each kilo of live steam used!

            ♦    Our Juice Process Flow Diagram

        Prune Juice / Concentrate 
            ♦    Prune Juice Concentrate:  70 +/-1° Brix,
            ♦    Prune Juice Concentrate 65 +/- 1° Brix
            ♦    High Viscosity Prune Juice Concentrate
            ♦    Single Strength Prune Juice conversion 3.8:1

        Dried Prunes 
            ♦    Natural Condition 
            ♦    Ashlock Pitted 
            ♦    Elliott Pitted 
            ♦    Whole Processed

Like our products, we have packaging options that may be designed and constructed to customer's specification.

Our containers and drums are double lined with food-grade FDA approved ultra low density polyethylene/ethyl vinyl acetate blend bags.

Custom specifications and other products are available upon request.

Our 7-stage TASTE Evaporator

Metal Drums at the filling station

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